Hortence Brouwn

So I spent some time in Curacao in December. A lovely place alive with art in public and private spaces. A few facts (with a little opinion mixed in): they speak Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish and little English. (They’re not all that inclined to speak it either.) People move between Holland and the island, and between the various cultures that are the result of slavery, colonization and immigration. In addition to the African and Dutch influences, Asia (China and India), South Pacific (Filipino), and South America (especially Venezuela, since the two are only about 40 miles apart) have all had an impact.

As you can imagine, the art is an amazing mix of all of these places and people. One of the island’s most famous artists is the sculptress Hortence Brouwn. Having studied in Holland and Italy as well as Curacao, her work incorporates both natural and manmade material like marble, limestone, Curaçao limestone, alabaster, bronze, and cement composites. She explores the human body from every angle, infusing each piece with a quiet spirit.

The island is littered with larger-than-life sculptures of women sitting as if in contemplation of the natural surroundings, or waiting for something or someone, or just taking a moment apart.

The featured image sits outside of an amazing museum on slavery–the Kura Hulanda Museum–situated in Otrobanda. Watch the video to learn a little more about Brouwn’s work and her creative process.

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